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    Your profile pic gives me nightmares.

    Your profile pic gives me nightmares.
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    Enemy Mon Hall of Fame

    Jesus, I will never forget this thing. I beat it with my own curselax, which happened to have Body Slam compared to Anabel's stronger Return. I lucked out, as the odds of getting the meaningful para hax are against the body slam user, I believe. Just an incredible mon, to cap off the incredible...
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    Your favorite video games

    Can't believe I forgot the one that started it all for me, when it came to console gaming: Deion Sanders Prime Time NFL Football (Sega Genesis) . There have been multiple games on here with sports game-play / simulation aspects (Fifa 12 would be another one I'd have to include). Especially with...
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    Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen In-Game Tier List

    Bulbasaur - I love this mon, but there's no way this thing is A tier. From my last playthrough, I can say it has an absolute dearth of moveset flexibility. I mean forget about choices, early/mid game if you can't hit something with Razor Leaf or Leech Seed, what do you do exactly? You just have...
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    Things from your favorite games, books, movies, TV, etc. that speak personally to you

    There's countless numbers of these things from games, that I can think of: Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask , the entrance to the clock tower, was extremely moving to me to this day, and it's hard to say why exactly. The obvious thing is the music, with the theme being an alternative version of...
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    Media General Music Discussion Thread

    One thing I'd suggest is just listening to anything that pleases your ear. There is no such thing as "correct" answers to what is good or bad music, regardless of what raters and critics might try to convince you of. VG music can be better than Mozart. Don't @ me haters. That said, to expose...
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    Top 10 High-Quality Super Rare Jynx NFT Gallery (NOT Clickbait) (Do Not Steal!!)

    Lol, this thread would be so much cooler, as I'm a big fan of Jynx, but you used fucking financial meme language of NFT. :pikuh:
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    Why the MCU actually sucks

    Yeah, I didn't actually see Eternals, but I saw Shang-Chi, and that was fucking hot garbage, but rather highly rated, so I don't believe in fucking review score shit any more.
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    Lifestyle Eating Animals These plants are also almost wholly terrestrial. It's kind of crazy to think about the fact that so much life is concentrated on ~ quarter of the Earth's surface, is because plants fucking love sunlight. If there is a god, it's probably the sun.
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    Social Why did you join Smogon?

    Pokemon Tournaments, and experiencing a higher standard of comp than general Showdown room tours, or laddering. Which I got, but dang this place can be a bit next level sometimes. :)
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    Why the MCU actually sucks

    Can't get into it again since the "reboot" or whatever it's called, after Endgame. In retrospect, was getting into it a waste of time? Maybe, but I've wasted my time on so much shit by now, that the enjoyment it gave me at the time seems to be worth enough.
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    Media General Music Discussion Thread

    The Bends by Radiohead is a pretty damn good album. "Airbag" is a great first song to an album, but I don't think OK Computer by Radiohead is quite as great as The Bends. Just IMO.
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    OU GSC OU Viability Rankings mk. 4

    I am only here to add how euphoric I am that Jorgen chose to rank 83 pokemon. Keep up the good work brother. :pimp:
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    Rejected - Inactive Create a Graphics option to "Disable Idle Animations"

    So the mon's moves will animate, but the mons themselves won't be flitting about. Obviously, this is the default for gens before the sprites were animated. You can "sort of" play this way on Gens 5 and later, by clicking "Use BW sprites instead of XY models", however any mon which has a BW...
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    All Gens Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer Mark II (RoA edition)

    Am I correct in saying that of those 2, Garchomp had been brought back while BW was still the current gen, whereas Excadrill was the only one other than DPP Latias brought back for an "old gen"?
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    All Gens Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer Mark II (RoA edition)

    Is DPP Latias the only thing that's ever been "brought back" to an OU tier after originally being banned?
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    Gen 2 GSC OU Team Classification System

    It's borrowed from chess. A ? indicates a move of dubious merit. Not sure how serious I was with that. I can't think of more than 1 serious GSC OU team that omitted Snorlax.
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    Gen 2 (Dual Screens Para Wak)

    See for team shorthand classification explanation. This team is inspired by Uncle Eyeroll’s RMT. Check it out here, it’s a really cool team!
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    Gen 2 (Mono-Lax Blissey Stall)

    See for team shorthand classification explanation. This is a Blissey stall team, offensively centered around Snorlax’s prowess. In this case specifically it’s LK MonoLax, and giving it as many and as prolonged a...
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    Gen 2 (My Take on Thief Stall)

    See for team name shorthand explanation. I’m going to share some teams I’ve made with anti-meta ideas. These days offense is the rage and using offensive pressure in combination with spikes. Zapdos, Gengar...